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Behind the Camera

Directed and Edited byAndrew Pritzker

Genre:  Short Promo


An enjoyable, lighthearted look at an actor's photo shoot featuring the lovely and talented Sarah Elizabeth McGuire, Photography Jenifer Cady, and Stylist Kara Bond. 


Directed and Edited byAndrew Pritzker

Genre:  Short Art Documentry (Part 1)


"FishNetting" captures the feel of an avant-garde art happening, undefined, unscripted, etherial and mystic. "The Fishnets Experiment," a gathering of women adorning themselves in fishnet attire, expecting only to be shot by three art photographers, are transformed by an odd ritual. Arriving as strangers, they soon became friends, tensions vanished, a community formed, childlike, happy, free.

Small Heading
FishNetting 2 - The Christening

Directed and Edited byAndrew Pritzker

Genre:  Short Art Documentry (Part 2)


'Christening' the St. Francis, a former KC hotel from the Gilded Age, The Fishnets Experiment opened its first exhibition as an art gallery in the heart of  the city. Part art gallery and part burlesque show, with photographers creating new art with visitors in attendance, 'The Christening' became an organic, interactive art happening without rules or rigidity.


FishNetting Promo

Directed and Edited byAndrew Pritzker

Genre:  Promo #1 for "The Fishnets Experiment" 


Spot #1 in a series of promo videos for "The Fishnets Experiment" art exhibition held at The Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City. (The exhibit ran January and February of 2014.)

Cowork Waldo Promo No. 2

Directed and Edited byAndrew Pritzker

Genre: Web-based Promo (2016)


An HD web-based promo for CoWork Waldo, a shared co-working space in Kansas City in the heart of historic Waldo. Shot on location during business hours, the promo features a montage of testimonials from actual cowork members.



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