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Semi-Finalist - Saint Grady Animatic 2022 ARFF Barcelona International Awards - 2022.png

Saint Grady Animatic is on a 2022 Festival Run!

SAINT GRADY is a Western Feature Film in preproduction, gathering investors, cast, crew, gear, and locations. The Saint Grady Animatic Trailer, produced under the SAG-AFTRA Low Budget Agreement, was created as part of the film's pitch deck. Utilizing original illustrations, animation, a music score, vocal performances, and Saint Grady's feature screenplay, a festival-bound short was born. Awarded Semi-Finalist at the ARFF in Barcelona, Saint Grady Animatic Trailer is ready for its American debut thanks to the artistry and genius of a spectacular cast and crew, JJ Johnson, Dan Stein, Clara T Barbeito, Oliver J Hughes, Jenifer Cady, and the talented Michael Marinaccio, Jordyn Denning, Scott Cordes, Trevor Martin, Davis DeRock, Shawna Peña-Downing, Heather Elaine, and Jennifer Seward.


Hollywood Looks to KC Film Locations as Film Community Develops

Focusing on KC's Film Community: Tales of Two Moviemakers


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 2007 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting finalists each received a certificate today Andrew Pritzker (left), writer of "Sweet in the Saddle," with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Susannah Grant.

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