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In a War Between Justice and Mercy, Shoot for Mercy

Animatic Trailer... August, 2021

Saint Grady Western, LLC

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Qikfinger Films & Saint Grady Western, LLC proudly announce that the new Western feature, Saint Grady is now fiscally sponsored by one of America's leading non-profit organization, From The Heart Productions...





allowing us to grant donors and sponsors big and small a bonafide tax deduction.

Saint Grady

 Animatic Trailer for a Feature Western

Saint Grady is a tightly written Western epic in the classic John Ford, High Noon, Rio Grande tradition. Gritty and character driven, it's a tale about justice and mercy on the vast Western plains. 

Stars of the West
Michael Marinaccio

Mike Marinaccio will portray Christopher Grady, a US Marshal at odds with a vengeful town. Co-star-ring in the 2020 Indie X Best Short Thriller, The Rabbit Hole, and appearing in Off Broadway productions of Tony'n'Tina's Wedding and Romeo and Juliet, Michael was nominated as Best Actor opposite Eric Roberts in the sci-fi short, Than All Else Ever. Earning an Acting BFA from the University of Hartford's conservatory, The Hartt School, he also appeared in the indie film, The Thing in the Apartment Chapter 2 and Mind Blown for the Sy-Fy Network. 

Jordyn Denning

Jordyn Denning, award winning theater actress for her role in The Miracle Worker, will play Aishling O'Rourke, an Irish Immigrant accused of a crime she didn’t commit. Transitioning from modeling to acting after graduating San Diego State. Jordyn, perfecting her craft, studied acting at the Margie Haber Studio in LA. "400 actors tried for a very tough part but Jordyn stood out like a gem,” said the film's director. “She nailed it. We can't wait to work with her."

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