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The Art of E.P.G.

Digital Effects Demos for EPG

1. Tracking an Atom

2. Walls and Waves 

3. Something from Nothing

Our EPG Digital Effects Editor, JJ Johnson created a series of videos to demostrate the power and possibility of Digital Effects and Tracking Software. (The Production Department loved them.)




Good question! A proper green screen environment requires consistent lighting over a chroma green surface created by either a field of chroma green paint applied to a wall or a chroma green background made from a wrinkle free tarp or wide swath of paper. E.P.G., however, was shot using real locations with multiple tracking shots and inconsistent lighting conditions. 

The Key ART of E.P.G.

Key Art is best described as the singulary look of a film, that one key image that appears on posters and jewel cases, adorns the film's web stie, and looks darn good on a Tshirt and hoodie. It is the use of one image to relay the look and feel of a movie. E.P.G. experimented with over a dozen art specs and sketches until we fould the one that said it all. Using a still image from the film, Graphic Artist, Kim Nowak Watson at Pnnacle Graphics, enhanced and crafted a single frame of footage into what became the signature of E.P.G..

Key Art Evolution

Story Board #1 -  Cold Opening

Story Boards  to Film

From Art to Film

Preproduction is king when shooting on a tight schedule in a challenging location. The twists and turns of our tunnel array were carefully mapped out well before shooting. The script itself was directly tied to EPG's actual sets.

Taking on the essence of a character in the narrative, we storyboarded the film with that in mind.  

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