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E.P.G.'s Night at The Museum

Davis DeRock, Chad Crenshaw, and Kara Bond

Nestled between Thomas Hart Benton paintings inside the beautiful Atkins Auditorium at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Qikfinger Film’s E.P.G. premiered locally at a Cast & Crew screening on Wednesday, October 5. With a few Nelson Staffers and special guests in attendance, the invitation-only event launched E.P.G.’s festival run for 2016-2017.

Andrew Pritzker

We’re grateful for the generosity of the Nelson-Atkins Museum for allowing us to screen the film and for everyone who attended. It was a special evening.

Sarah McGuire, Christopher Commons, CJ Drumeller

E.P.G.'s fabulous cast, Jeffrey Staab, Chad Crenshaw, Kip Niven and Jennifer Seward were all in attendance along with Composer and Sound Designer, CJ Drumeller and our Director of Photography, Christopher Commons.

Andrew Pritzker and Jeffrey Staab

In addition to the audience’s enthusiastic reaction to E.P.G., guests were delighted to view a short “making of” video by the film’s Editor and Visual Effects Creator, JJ Johnson.

Kip Niven (center)
Andrew Pritzker, Malcolm Pritzker, Kristen Harrington, CJ Drumeller
Meghan Phoenix Bryan, Christopher Commons, Noemi Zimmer

Qikfinger Films is proud to present our sci-fi short, E.P.G. at film festivals around the world.

Kristen Harrington, Susie Genova, Mike Harrington
Michael Cross, Andrew Pritzker, Malcolm Pritzker, CJ Drumeller, Kyle Kelley
Sarah McGuire, Jennifer Seward

(Sarah McGuire and Jenifer Seward)

Jeffrey Staab and Gwendolyn Staab
CJ Drumeller

Andrew Pritzker

We’d love for everyone to see it.

Karen Elizabeth Igla, Davis DeRock

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