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  • Andrew Pritzker

"Devil's Food Cake" is Ready to Bake

Sarah McGuire in Devil's Food Cake.

DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE, the newest suspense thriller from Qikfinger Films, is set for post production. With months of design, prep, and revisions, with the collaboration of a talented and creative cast and crew, DFC is scheduled for a Fall release in Kansas City, and hopefully, at a film festival near you.

Davis DeRock in Devil's Food Cake.

Featuring stellar performances by Sarah McGuire, Davis DeRock, Chad Alan Crenshaw, Kip Niven, Jim Korinke, Seth Baskett, and Mary Wilkens, lensed by Cinematographer Chris Commons,

sound by Tyler Thompson & Phillip Cattell, make-up by Heidi Seager Bowles, edited by JJ Johnson, and directed by Andrew Pritzker, Devil's Food Cake showcases some of the best and brightest of KC's thriving indie film scene.

Chad Alan Crenshaw in Devil's Food Cake.

Inspired by the works of Hitchcock, Houston, Welles, James M. Cain, and Rod Serling, Devil's Food Cake promises to serve up a slice of modern film noir sardonically iced with dark humor.

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