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2017 KC Filmmakers Showcase

Kansas International Film Festival

2:50 PM, November 4 & 7:30 PM, November 9

The 2017 Kansas International Film Festival presents an especially strong short film showcase featuring some the best and brightest of KC’s indie film scene. A curated program by festival directors Brian and Ben Mossman of Fine Arts Group, displays a few essential works by KC filmmakers that may soon be screened in LA.

Nationally recognized short works by Kendall Sinn (Pop Tarts), Jill Gevargian (The Stylist), Meagan Flynn-Messmer (Tipping Point), Kyle Kelley (Happy Birthday), and Chad Credshaw & Davis DeRock (Mean Spirited) offers a blend of fantasy, thriller, comedy, horror, crime, and heartfelt drama will screen alongside the sci-fi film premiere of E.P.G. by Andrew Pritzker

A second KC Local showcase, November 9, will feature Justice Served, a wickedly twisted court-room short by acclaimed director Patrick Rea as well as Andrea Fantauzzi’s touching drama, Letters from a Father.

With performances by KC favorites Jeffrey Staab, Kip Niven, Meagan Flynn-Messmer, Chad Crenshaw, Davis DeRock. Jason Miller, Jenifer Seward, Sarah McGuire, Jennifer Plas, and Marilyn Hall, the KIFF Local Showcase eagerly displays the pride and creativity of the KC film community.


Saturday, Nov. 4th 2:50

Est. 1946 by Megan Ross, 4 min.

Tipping Point by Meagan Flynn-Mesmer, 5 min.

The Stylist by Jill Gevargizian, 15 min. Dragtivists by Savanna Rogers, 7 min. Mean Spirited by Davis DeRock, 14 min. Laughing Crying Blues U.S., 4 min.

Stacy Rich film by Stacy Rich, 5 min.

Pop Tarts by Kendal Sinn, 11 min. Happy Birthday by Kyle Kelley, 11 min. EPG by Andrew Pritzker, 20 min.

Soaring Back: Message to the Future by Bev Capman, 14 min.


Thursday, Nov. 9th 7:30

Deadtectives by Kyle Kelley, 7 min. Moments On Canvas by Holly Bowman, 6 min.

Justice Served by Patrick Rea, 13 min. The Vision by Lightning Michell, , 19 min. Parallel Chords by Catherine Dudley- Rose, 14 min.

KCKPL's Stories on the Bus by Eric J. Smith, 12 min.

Letters From A Father by Andrea Fantauzzi, 15 min.

Fisher Of Men by Bryce Benlon, 9 min. Sharon Liese Short by Sharon Liese, 19 min.

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