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Patience... Oh, Patience!... Qikfinger Films soon debuts its newest thriller, Devil's Food Cake, a twisted tale of revenge and regret in time for the 2018-2019 festival season. Patience? What patience? We couldn't wait to show you our brand new poster. Key Art Designer, Shirley Harryman served up a rich and tasty concept and we couldn't resist.

With the soon to be released Devil's Food Cake trailer, and the film premiere poised for summer's end, we're excited to start a redesign of our website featuring slices of DFC News, Stills, Press Releases, Crew Profiles, Film Score Clips, and BTS Photos featuring our cast: Sarah McGuire, Davis DeRock, Chad Crenshaw, Kip Niven, Seth Baskett, Jim Korinke, and Mary Wilkens.

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