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Rock '22 with a New Promo

The one constant in life is change. It's inevitable. It's happening right now. Stars are forming, planets colliding, and your resumé, demo reel, actor's reel, and headshot need to change as well. Life moves on and so does your audience. Whether it's business, art, public opinion or technology, everything evolves, everything changes. It's best to be forward thinking with new productions, new ideas, new risks and challenges. With that in mind, we're posting our new Qikfinger Film promo. We're announcing that our newly produced animatic, Saint Grady, has launched onto the festival circuit. In 2022, we're striving to produce Saint Grady as a feature western. We're also in preproduction on Price of Admission, a new sci-fi short for festivals and streaming distribution. Our films, Devil's Food Cake and E.P.G. are now streaming on Amazon Prime, XUMO, TUBI, and Vimeo. We love our viewers. It's great to be playing to the world.

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