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South by Midwest - Something Wicked Film Festival Interviews Andrew Pritzker

Film Festivals are the life's blood of modern filmmaking. For the audience, it's a chance to break free from homogenized studio fare and experience the mindset of indie filmmakers. There's a distinct difference between Indie and studio films. Indie filmmakers take risks. They're free to speak their minds and experiment. No bean counters, no stockholders, just a crew with a camera and a mission. Studio films are not designed to take chances. They're meant to make bank. There's nothing wrong with making money. Every Indie filmmaker wants to make money but not at the cost of creative freedom. "Risk is our business," said Captain Kirk. That's where fun is.

Film festivals are not just about screening films, it's about networking. When filmmakers get together, they talk shop. You never know where the clash of ideas will take you.

In this lively, entertaining interview recorded during the 2021 Something Wicked Film Festival in Atlanta, Fest creator, Kevin L. Powers chats with Qikfinger Films' Andrew Pritzker, writer and director of E.P.G. and Devil's Food Cake.

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